Netflix reveals just when you get HOOKED on your favourite series

pretty little liars ep3

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The folks over at Netflix have revealed just when we all hooked on our favourite TV series.

Looking at their stats, the Netflix team have been able to determine the episode at which point we just can’t stop watching our favourite shows.

Some are slow burners but others take just two episodes before we’re glued to every scene.

Arrow – Episode 8


Bates Motel – Episode 2

bates motel

Better Call Saul – Episode 4

better call saul

Breaking Bad – Episode 2


Dexter – Episode 3

dexter e3

Gossip Girl – Episode 3

gossip girl episode 3

How I Met Your Mother – Episode 8

himym ep 8

House of Cards – Episode 3

House of Cards

Mad Men – Episode 6


Orange Is the New Black – Episode 3

oitnb episode 3

Once Upon A Time – Episode 6


Pretty Little Liars – Episode 4

pretty little liars ep3

Scandal – Episode 2

scandal episode 2

Sons of Anarchy – Episode 2

sons of anarchy episode 2

Suits – Episode 2


The Killing – Episode 2

the killing episode 2

The Walking Dead – Episode 2

walking dead episode 2

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Episode 4

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Episode 4