The Crown Netflix UK start date announced

The Crown Netflix UK start date

The Netflix UK start date for new original series The Crown has been announced today.

The Crown will premiere to a global audience this November with the 10-episode series launching exclusively on Netlfix on Friday, November 4th and will be available in 4K.

The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world’s most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

The Crown stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, Matt Smith as Prince Phillip, John Lithgow as Sir Winston Churchill, Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mother, Jared Harris as King George VI, Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and Dame Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary, among others.

Meanwhile, another Netflix series also got its latest premiere date today, with news that the second season of epic action adventure series Marco Polo will launch globally on July 1, 2016.

Marco Polo, is based on the famed explorer’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th Century China.

The 10 episode series, created by John Fusco, stars Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco Polo), Michelle Yeoh (the Handmaiden), Benedict Wong (Kublai Khan), Joan Chen (Empress Chabi), Zhu Zhu (Kokachin), Tom Wu (Hundred Eyes), Olivia Cheng (Mei Lin), Claudia Kim (Khutulun), Rick Yune (Kaidu), Remy Hii (Prince Jingim), Mahesh Jadu (Ahmad) and Uli Latukefu (Byamba) among others.

Both Marco Polo and The Crown are only available on Netflix.