Arrested Development Season 5 IS happening on Netflix... soon

Arrested Development Season 5 netflix

Arrested Development Season 5 will be happening on Netflix but just when is anyone’s guess.

It’s been ages now since we’ve had new episodes starring the Bluth family, with Netflix having been in discussions for a new fifth season since January last year.

There was talk of a new 17 episode run to begin filming this year but the project has stalled.

Now Arrested Development star Will Arnett has revealed just what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Chatting on Channel 4 show Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, he explained that new episodes ARE set to be produced but talks are still ongoing.

“It is something that we keep talking about doing and we are all just trying to work around Jason Bateman’s schedule,” he said.

Will quipped: “He is such a prima donna. He seems like such a nice guy but he is the worst person. He is just soulless.”

The actor, who plays George Oscar Bluth II aka ‘Gob’ in the sitcom, continued: “No, no. It is something we all want to do, including Jason, and Mitch [Hurwitz], who writes the show, has been writing some stuff.

“We are not entirely sure when it is going to happen but it is something that we all want to do.”

He added: “We have been talking with Netflix about doing more. It is something we are actively and constantly talking about.”

The last new episodes of Arrested Development came back in 2013 on Netflix, more than six years after the show was last on TV in 2006.